KATHMANDU, Nov 24: Compared to all  major elections in the past, the upcoming parliamentary and provincial assembly polls are likely to witness fewer instances of electoral violence --thanks to greater maturity among the political parties and more awareness  among the people.

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: An additional group of 20 election observers from the European Union Election Observation Mission to Nepal (EU EOM) will arrive tomorrow in Kathmandu to observe the elections on 26 November and 7 December.

KATHMANDU, Nov 14: Farmers in Bhaktapur sell one kilo of big tomatoes to middlemen at Rs 60, while the same tomatoes cost Rs 115 per kilo at Kalimati retail market in Kathmandu, according to farmers and traders Republica talked to. Red potatoes fetch Rs 32 a kilo for Bhaktapur farmers  and are sold at Rs 55 at Kalimati retail market.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: The Election Commission (EC) has asked those individuals and organisations wanting to observe the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies slated for November 26 and December 7 to submit application for the same within 15 days.

KATHMANDU, September 10: The Election Commission (EC) has called on international poll observing groups wishing to monitor Nepal's coming provincial and parliamentary elections to submit applications by September 30.

KATHMANDU, June 21:Chief Election Officer (CEC) Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has said the participation and public enthusiasm seen in the filing of nominations for the second-phase of local elections was highly commendable.

KATHMANDU, Jan 14:Concerned by the speculations about postponement of the second round of local elections scheduled for June 28, intellectuals, political analysts and party leaders in the southern plains have urged the government not to defer the scheduled elections under any pretext.

KATHMANDU, May 13: All observers assigned have reached the polling centers in 34 districts where the first phase of local-level elections will be held on Sunday, said the Election Commission.

KATHMANDU, May 10: The Election Commission (EC) has launched an election app with a view to circulating information received during the observation of the upcoming local-level election to a central level.

KATHMANDU, May 8: Election Commissioner Ila Sharma has called on one and all for support and cooperation to hold the upcoming local-level elections in a free, impartial, reliable and fearless atmosphere.

KATHMANDU, May 2: Chief Election Commissioner, Dr Ayodhi Prasad Yadav, made an on-site inspection of the office of Chief Election Officer, Kathmandu, and the District Election Office, Lalitpur, on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, April 29: Key international donors and the diplomatic community have expressed their displeasure over the Election Commission (EC)'s refusal to allow international poll observing groups to monitor the May 14 local elections.