PARIS, Aug 19: Specialists shoring up fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral were returning to the Paris site on Monday for the first time in nearly a month, this time wearing disposable underwear and other protective gear after a delay prompted by fears of lead contamination.

PARIS, Aug 13: Workers are preparing to decontaminate some Paris streets surrounding the Notre Dame Cathedral that have been tested with high levels of the lead following the April blaze that damaged the landmark.

PARIS, Aug 7:  Health officials in Paris said Wednesday that a young boy needs medical monitoring because tests conducted after the Notre Dame Cathedral fire showed that he was at risk of lead poisoning.

Notre Dame Fire: As It Happened

April 30, 2019 21:00 pm

A year ago, I had met a friend of mine from France. My meeting with that liberal guy was full of drama and craze as one day we debated on which one of us lived in a better country.

Emotion of Notre Dame

April 25, 2019 00:30 am

Paris was not burning, but its emotional heart was. What’s more, this gigantic fire was live on prime-time news

PARIS, April 23: The man in charge of the restoration of the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral says he has appointed professional mountain climbers to install temporary tarps over the building to offset potential rain damage.

PARIS, April 18: Fraudsters are taking advantage of the Notre-Dame fire to fool donors into handing over cash believing they are helping to rebuild the gutted Paris cathedral, officials have warned.

It took 182 years to build and has stood for more than eight centuries. But in less than two hours, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was in ruins, its future uncertain, after a fire ripped through the iconic landmark.