Black Sabbath bid the world farewell when their The End tour concluded in 2017, but that doesn't mean a one-off show is entirely out of the realm of possibility. Bassist Geezer Butler doesn't necessarily think a reunion will happen, but he isn't completely ruling it out either.

After conquering India and fighting two wars against the Gorkhali Army, the victorious British did not colonize what's now Nepal, for good reason.

So I would suggest you go on a trip, a mind-cleansing trip. Use your savings. Go somewhere out of the country. Maybe to the sand beaches where the weather is nice and treat yourself to the best you can. Try yoga, maintain a healthy life.

KATHMANDU, April 4: Amid ongoing war against syndicate, the Department of Transport Management has come up with uncompromising steps to demolish syndicate in public transportation.

Gaurav Thapa from FinLit Nepal talks about the 12 Lamjung schools where they engaged secondary and higher secondary school students in personal finance management workshops.

Users downloading their Facebook data are making the surprising discovery that the social media network has been saving copies of every single video they’ve recorded through the app, even if they were never published.

The Delete Facebook movement has been growing but the Cambridge Analytica revelations are unlikely to get many people leaving, and that might be a good thing

The talk we never had

March 2, 2018 10:50 am

The thought of your parents learning about your sex life is cringe worthy enough, imagine having the revelation in a middle of a road, in front of a traffic officer. Our 21-year-old male interviewee asked us to empathize with him.


February 7, 2018 10:27 am

I’m being at my peak Never thought to be weak

‘Now or never for Nepali cricket’

January 27, 2018 11:17 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: A delegation of International Cricket Council (ICC) led by ICC Deputy Chairman Imran Khwaja is scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu on Saturday.

Ishwar Pokharel, general secretary of CPN-UML, won a landslide victory from Kathmandu-5, beating his Nepali Congress rival Prakash Sharan Mahat. He is a powerful member of CPN-UML. Republica caught up with him to discuss the party unification, new government and more. Excerpts:

RASUWA, Nov 21: Dawa Tamang of Langtang village was decisive about the candidate whom he would vote during the recently held local level elections. He had clear idea about all the contesting candidates as they were from his area only. He had made the decision based on their image and reputation.

JUMLA, Nov 15: Haijali Thapa, a local of Tila Rural Municipality of Jumla, has been voting every election conducted after restoration of democracy in 1990 without meeting the candidates in person. She just goes to polling center and cast her vote without knowing the candidates.

HANOI, Nov 12: President Donald Trump is exchanging schoolyard taunts with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

GIRONA, SPAIN, Oct 30: To sense the conflicting currents of identity that have led Spain to the edge of a constitutional cliff, look no farther than Girona, some 60 miles (100 kilometers) northeast of Barcelona. Maps and world governments say it’s in Spain — but many residents consider it part of an independent republic of Catalonia.

LOS ANGELES, Sept 12: Actor Angelina Jolie, who made her feature directorial debut with ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ in 2011, says she never imagined she could ever direct or write a film.

Heart to Heart with Malvika

NEW DELHI, August 20: Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who now plays the lead role in most of his films, says that he never wanted to play the typical hero as a person with no bad qualities doesn't exist.

Never say never

June 19, 2017 08:45 am

KATHMANDU: It has been 13 years Ram Bahadur Nepali is working as a tailor. His small tailor stand is stationed at Asan. He comes to his self-allocated ‘office’ at 8 am and leaves at 7 pm.

Never say never

June 19, 2017 08:45 am

KATHMANDU: It has been 13 years Ram Bahadur Nepali is working as a tailor. His small tailor stand is stationed at Asan. He comes to his self-allocated ‘office’ at 8 am and leaves at 7 pm.

It’s never too late

June 14, 2017 10:36 am

In this journey called life, we go through various situations, times and circumstances. We hardly embrace the glorious mess that we are. We barely think about the strength that we have had during the most difficult times in our lives. We need to remember that life’s great lessons are usually learnt at the worst times and with the worst mistakes. We are so busy in our everyday schedule that we do not have the time to recap the way we have spent the number of years of our life. When we start summing up the timeline, we are able to connect the dots and realize that everything that has happened in our life has happened for a reason.

Never fear to dream big

May 29, 2017 23:00 pm

From an ordinary village boy to being the captain of Makalu Air, Sangye Gelek Lama has come this far with all his hard work and audacity to dream above his imagination. He has been flying with Makalu Air for seven years now. After working as a co-pilot for five years he was upgraded to Captain in 2015. He was the flying captain of Makalu Air, who along with his co-pilot survived the airplane accident in August, 2016. Republica’s Sonam Lama caught up with Sangye Gelek Lama to talk about the setbacks and experience that he has witnessed so far in the field of aviation.

Priyanka Chopra says her career has never been dependent on somebody else’s success or failure and instead, she chooses to focus on her films.

They enforce racists regulations, that’s why.

SIRAHA, March 31: One-and-a-half-year old Chandrika Sada is nagging her sister for food. Gudiya, Chandrika's elder sister is forcing water in her mouth. The water fetched from a well is dirty and stinking. The toddler again asks for food, but her sister keeps pouring water again. After a while, Chandrika stops crying.

Now or never

January 30, 2017 00:45 am

The chances of holding local level elections by April-end, something Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal had repeatedly promised, appear bleak.

Now or never

December 31, 2016 00:35 am

As our political parties fight they should be mindful of what happened when the first Constituent Assembly was dissolved in May, 2012

KATHMANDU, Oct 6: A septuagenarian man who lost his wife and siblings has been unwaveringly serving the Nepal Police, keeping them in tidy uniform.

Google took aim Wednesday at the red-hot mobile messaging market, with a new artificial intelligence-powered Allo app that seeks to compete with popular rivals such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

President of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav, believes that the new constitution cannot be implemented without first addressing the concerns of the agitating Madheshis and Janajatis. Yadav, the former foreign minister and the undisputed leader of the first Madheshi Uprising in 2007, talked to Republica’s Biswas Baral and Mahabir Paudyal about constitutional amendment, the prime minister’s upcoming India visit and various Madheshi issues in an extensive interview.

LOS ANGELES, Sept 3: Michael Phelps isn't sure what kind of moves Ryan Lochte has planned for "Dancing with the Stars."

'Nabin will never return'

June 22, 2016 02:45 am

PARBAT, June 22: Nabin Chhetri of Karkineta VDC-6 was supposed to return home after completing his final tenure of his employment contract. Fate, however, had something else in store. He died in Monday's Taliban attack leaving his wife and children behind in Kathmandu.