Nikosera lies in the heart of Bhaktapur. The place stands on the way of Araniko Highway between Sallaghari and Purano Thimi. Despite the fact that highway is well-pitched, the streets of Nikosera, however, haven’t been well managed and is damaged.

SINDHULI, July 4: Nawaraj Gole of Kamalai Municipality in Sindhuli district does not like to step out of his home these days. Due to excessive rainfall, all the roads resemble ‘paddy fields’.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, March 15: In the course of building new house, many earthquake victims in Sindhupalchowk have been indebted. Most of these victims claim that the grant provided by the government was too less to erect new house or repair the old one. Most of the locals were skeptical about retrofitting, when it was proposed earlier. However, now they seem to have understood its effectiveness and economic efficiency.

GORKHA, June 10: A worker was killed while next one was injured after a mud mound collapsed today. The accident took place when the workers were reconstructing a school building at Siranchok Rural Municipality-5 in Gorkha.