Women who experience recurrent miscarriages may be good candidates for IVF with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), which enables fertility specialists to test an embryo for genetic and chromosomal problems that can lead to miscarriage. Those couples who have struggled with recurrent miscarriage, failed IVF, or unexplained infertility can strongly prefer PGS to help identify chromosomally-sound embryos for transfer back into the uterus.

Mansari, 44, has 13 children

February 26, 2020 09:40 am

ROLPA, Feb 26: Mansari Pariyar does not know the formal names of her children. She calls them by their pet names such as Kale, Bhunti, Dauri and Dalle, among others. Her husband Bhansingh doesn't remember even the pet names, let alone the formal names which were given to his kids during some rituals. Mansari, 44, and Bhansingh, 38, have 13 children in total. They actually had 14 but one died last year.