IZIUM, Ukraine, Sept 18: Dressed in white protective suits and wearing rubber gloves, Ukrainian emergency workers on Saturday dug up more bodies from a wooded burial site in territory recently recaptured from Russian forces, while townspeople looked for dead relatives.

KYIV, Sept 16: Ukrainian authorities found a mass grave containing 440 bodies in the northeastern town of Izium that was recaptured from Russian forces days ago, officials said, including some people killed by shelling and air strikes.

CARACAS, Aug 29: So far 100 bodies have been pulled from Sri Lanka’s second largest mass grave in Mannar, believed to be remnants of the country’s recent civil war, archaeologists say. “We have found 101 people and already moved 96 individual skeletons from the trench,” said Raj Somadeva, archaeologist and a forensic scientist at the University of Kelaniya