SINDHUPALCHOWK, Jan 5: A team from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) raided the Sindhupalchowk ashram of Ram Bahadur Bamjan aka Buddha Boy on Friday amid proliferating accusations of the murder of a disciple and the disappearance of three others by the self-proclaimed godman.

KATHMANDU, Dec 29: The family members of three persons, who went missing from the Sindhupalchowk ashram of Ram Bahadur Bomjon aka ‘Buddha Boy’, on Friday asked the government and police to launch a serious investigation into Bomjon’s ashrams and demanded that Bomjon either let them meet their missing family members or hand over their bodies if they are dead.

MAKAWANPUR, Dec 28: Two women and two men allegedly went missing from the ashram of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, known as ‘Little Buddha’ around five years ago, according to complaints filed with police by the kin of the missing against Bomjon.