Khokana: Living museum of Nepal

February 6, 2021 08:15 am

Government of Nepal, Lalitpur Metropolitan City and Civil Society should come together to approach UNESCO to include Khokana and its traditional mustard seed oil industry in the full-fledged list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

KATHMANDU, Oct 9: The Kathmandu-Tarai/Madhesh Fast Track project, which is listed as a national pride project, has achieved a very minimum physical progress.

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: The locals of Khokana have been staging protests and demonstrations time and again against the construction of a fast track linking Kathmandu with Tarai, citing historical and religious reasons.

Twenty-nine years old, Jaa Dangol, is the founder of Lachhi situated in Khokana. Lachhi has its own café and store where one can taste the authentic Newari food, buy ethnic handmade crafts and local agricultural products.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: Expressing serious reservations at the ongoing construction of development projects including Kathmandu-Terai Expressway through their area, local residents of Khokana in Lalitpur district staged a protest smearing soot over their faces, on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: Nepal Army on Wednesday said that the estimated cost of Kathmandu-Nijgadh Fast Track will be Rs. 175 billion.

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwor Pokhrel has said the Kathmandu-Tarai fast track would be speeded up after solving the land compensation problems at the entry points of Khokana and Bungmati area in the Kathmandu Valley.

Ropain at Khokana

July 1, 2018 08:07 am

Underneath a dusky sky, the Jyapu farmers had already clustered in small groups by the time I reached Khokana.

LALITPUR, April 11: Local representatives of Khokana have urged the government to provide appropriate compensation while acquiring the land for the construction of Kathmandu-Tarai Fast track.

KATHMANDU: For the sixth year running, Social Tours in association with Bagmati Trails Initiative marketed and organized Ropain–the Rice Planting Festival in Khokana on Saturday.

KATHMANDU, April 25: Locals of Khokana and Sainbu village of Lalitpur have refused the compensation for land to be acquired by the government to build Kathmandu-Tarai Madesh Fast Track Road Project