KATHMANDU, Sept 22: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Monday said that it is going to monitor the health condition of jailbirds serving time in prisons across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prison overcrowded with inmates

January 29, 2019 11:45 am

PARBAT, Jan 29: The district prison is compelled to accommodate a higher number of inmates than its bearing capacity. Around four times more inmates have languished in the e class prison. Though the prison has an original capacity for accommodating 15 male and 10 female, it is now managing 102 inmates.

Jailbirds receive tika

November 9, 2018 18:09 pm

DAMAULI, Nov 9: Jailbirds in Tanahun prisons Tihar festival with joy after they received tika from their sisters. Jailer Narayan Adhikari said that 25 prisoners received tika from their sisters in the jail.

NAWALPARASI, April 1: The Parasi-based district prison of western Nawalparasi has seen trouble with the adjustment of higher number of jailbirds beyond its capacity.

KATHMANDU, Nov 17: The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a mandamus to the government to give concession on jail terms to those inmates who are involved in services such as teaching or working in various locations inside the jail.

DANG, June 11: Prisoners of Tulsipur Jail underwent free eye check up with the help of Rapti Eye Hospital, Rakshyachour, Dang.

Nepalgunj jailbirds receive blankets

December 27, 2016 12:26 pm

KOHALPUT (Banke), Dec 27: The inmates of Nepalgunj prison on Monday received blankets to fend off the cold of the peak winter season.