NUWAKOT, July 5: The Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) has invested Rs 93.69 million in various programs in Nuwakot district.

BAGLUNG, Nov 28: Hospitality industry of Baglung is attracting new investments buoyed by the increment in number of visitors. The district has around 200 hotels where more than Rs 1 billion has been invested.

LONDON, Nov 6: The Queen's private estate, Bono and one of Donald Trump's closest advisors are among those whose offshore investments have been revealed in one of the largest ever leaks, dubbed the "Paradise Papers".

CHITWAN, Aug 8: Under construction Narayanghat-Muglin road section will be spending additional Rs 200 million to grapple with frequent landslides. There are 29 places along the section that have high risk of landslide. A recent study on preventing landslide risk has just proposed the details of strategy and expenses for controlling landslides.