KATHMANDU, Jan 16: The international community has conveyed grief over the tragic plane crash involving Yeti Airlines aircraft that claimed the life of at least 68 people in Pokhara on Sunday morning.

WASHINGTON DC, July 7: Nepal has called for the international community to adopt a facilitating approach in the production and distribution of vaccines by further strengthening the existing global health system.

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: Unconvinced by the government’s approach to the transitional justice (TJ) process, Nepal’s conflict victims have threatened to invite the international community including the United Nations to intervene in the ‘botched’ justice process.  They believe recent government efforts taken toward resolving the conflict-era cases have dampened the hopes of the conflict victims.

Some hope on TJ

January 8, 2020 09:28 am

At a time when the ruling party has been criticized by the victims and rights bodies for doing little to speed up resolution of transitional justice (TJ) process and the international community has been repeatedly expressing concerns regarding the perennial delay in ensuring justice to the victims of conflict-era crimes, the government has renewed the process to restart long-stalled TJ process.

International concern

December 1, 2019 12:14 pm

Increasingly, international community has been showing its concern over the delayed transitional justice process of Nepal. They have, time and again, reminded the government of Nepal’s obligation to the international treaties and drawn the attention of the government to resolve this issue in line with the international standards and the verdict of the Supreme Court.

KATHMANDU, Oct 4: Issuing a statement on Friday, members of the international community based in Nepal said they are concerned about the high prevalence of violence against women (VAW) in Nepal.

Way forward for transitional justice

April 14, 2019 02:25 am

Once again concerns are being raised from victims’ community, human rights organizations and even international community regarding the fate of transitional justice process.  These concerns are legitimate for the transitional justice bodies—Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Commissioners of the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) created in 2015 with the mandate of investigating conflict-era cases, establishing the truth, recommending reparation and suggesting ways to prevent reoccurrence of conflict in the future—are going to be nearly defunct from this week onwards.

Nepal as tax-free zone

March 30, 2019 00:25 am

It has been a long time when this historical event took place but the old timers among us may recall the sensation created in 1975 when late King Birendra announced to the international community his proposal of Nepal to be recognized as Zone of Peace. He asked the country’s foreign missions to work vigorously with their host countries to push the United Nations to declare Nepal a Zone of Peace country.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: At a time when the tenure of two transitional justice mechanisms is expiring in two weeks, the Kathmandu-based diplomatic missions including the United Nations have urged the government to clarify to the public regarding its plans to take the transitional justice process forward in 2019.

Every year, October 27 serves as a grim reminder of the painfully unresolved status of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute; a seventy-year-long history of a valiant struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their right to self-determination that was promised to them by the International Community through UN resolutions that required a free and fair plebiscite. This day is observed around the world as the “Black Day”.

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: Bhutanese leader Tek Nath Rizal has appealed to the international community to look into the Bhutanese refugee issue seriously.