COPENHAGEN, Jan 4: The Omicron coronavirus variant is better at circumventing vaccinated peoples' immunity than the Delta variant, according to a Danish study published last week, helping explain why Omicron is spreading more rapidly.

You have some immunity, but how much and for how long are big unanswered questions.

No immunity for acid attackers

October 8, 2018 02:00 am

When a girl or a woman is sexually assaulted, raped, or acid-attacked, apart from great physical harm, it ravages her psychology forever. The trauma they have to cope with and the stigma they have to bear with are indescribable.

KATHMANDU, May 9: Members of Parliament (MPs)  have registered an amendment proposal in parliament demanding amendment of a proposed provision on not suspending MPs facing criminal charges.

BAGHDAD, Aug 9: Iraq's parliament has voted to strip the house speaker of immunity, paving way for an investigation of his actions following corruption charges raised by the defense minister last week.