“Turns out people take the information you are trying to convey a lot more  seriously if it is written in a book,” she says, sounding rather amused.  “But if that is what it takes, so be it,” she adds.

In Nepal, when young people respectfully bow down to greet family elders, they receive blessings of good health and long life. Together with these blessings we give our children, it is crucial that we ensure that important policies and systems are in place to tackle our most critical health threats. Today, World Health Day is a chance to look back at our achievements on this, as well as an opportunity to note the challenges we cannot afford to be complacent about.

Trees make cities healthier

November 3, 2016 00:15 am

There is a beautifully simple action that municipal leaders can take to reduce both extreme heat and air pollution: plant more trees

NEW YORK, Oct 1: Having a happy, smiling partner can keep you healthy and fit as you enter middle age and move towards the golden years, say researchers, adding that simply having a happy partner may enhance health as much as striving to be happy oneself.