After harvesting the rice crop in this part of central Thailand, a flock of around 10,000 ducks is released from a pen and instinctively stream towards the flooded fields to devour pests such as snails hiding in the rice stubble.

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DHADING, April 16: Farmers in Nalang of Dhading are busy plucking cherries from coffee tree in their farm.

Harvesting paddy (photo feature)

November 6, 2017 14:29 pm

Farmers busy harvesting paddy at Bungmati and Farsitol areas in Lalitpur district on Monday. (Dipesh Shrestha/Republica)

BHAKTAPUR, Oct 29: Farmers of Bhaktapur have harvested paddy for the first time using a machine. The harvesting machine, named ‘Mini Command’, has helped farmers take a relief from hard manual labor harvesting the major staple crop.

Diy Farming: Harvesting hope

November 18, 2016 11:05 am

The current scenario of our country’s agricultural sector looks bleak. Much concern has been expressed over the increasing amount of imported food grains and the plummeting capacity of our agro production.