Four years after wrapping up his second James Bond film, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes is back, this time on the front lines of World War One in “1917,” an ambitious drama inspired by his grandfather’s experiences.

My Unsung Hero: My Grandfather

January 24, 2019 13:05 pm

"Ah! the capital city roads," I murmured. The thing that I felt most lazy to do was to drop my sister to school on foot. Though it was a fifteen minutes walk, it was a difficult job I must say. On top of that, the road was sometimes slippery. It was to settle down the dust on the road for some time that people splashed water onto the roads.

Babu Kaji Maharjan of Balkumari, Patan, started as a farmer to make ends meet. Later, he jumped ship to the Ministry of Finance to work as a truck driver.  Meanwhile, he also lent hands for the renovations of Patan Durbar Square in his prime. “I have seen a lot of changes in the people. What matters to me the most is when my grandchildren call their parents mommy and daddy instead of maa and baa,” he stated.

Daicha Maharjan is a farmer and a grandfather. He can be found sitting in a sunlit corner in Patan Durbar Square with his friends to escape the boredom of his house.

“When we were children, we used to play Dandibiyo. It was a lot of fun then. We used to swim in this pond here at Thaiba. There was a lot of water that came all the way from Sunakothi through a water canal (raj kulo). Ohhh…it was fun those days.

PACHTHAR, April 4: Police here has arrested a man on the charge of repeatedly raping his 12-year-old granddaughter.

WASHINGTON, Oct 3: A 24-year-old woman in the US has received a ‘terrible shock’ after she discovered that her 68-year-old husband was her grandfather.