Justin Bieber flaunts new neck tattoo

December 9, 2019 18:35 pm

The 25-year-old star took to Instagram to share the new tattoo which is a swallow (bird) with the word "Forever." He captioned the snap: "Forever thanks @_dr_woo_."The newest addition to his collection is located on the left-hand side of his neck below the music note tattoo behind his ear.

When a man throws money around on flashy cars, people intuitively interpret this behavior as a sign that he is more interested in short-term sexual relationships than in romantic commitment.

Festive season is well underway.  With a few supplies (a normal comb, a rat-tail comb, a few bobby pins and a few hair ties) in hand you can easily do them at home on your own. In the festival days everyone seems so busy that hardly 5-10 minutes are there to sort out the whole hair business; that is why we have chosen only the quick and easy hairstyles.