BIRGUNJ, July 8: International shipping companies have started entering Nepal promising different facilities for Nepali traders, as the number of containers entering the country has reached around 100,000 annually.

KATHMANDU, Oct 11: US Ambassador to Nepal, Aliana B Teplitz, has said that the clock is ticking for Nepali exporters and businesses to take advantage of the trade preference program offered by the US. Speaking at a workshop on ‘Enhancing Nepal-US Trade by Utilizing Trade Preference Program’ jointly organized by Pavilion Group and the US Embassy in Nepal, she said that the program enacted through Nepal Trade Preferences Act allowing preferential treatment for certain imports from Nepal to the US was ‘a good deal’ for the two countries toward further strengthening the economic ties.

DUBAI, May 2: The International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday oil exporting countries in the Middle East continue to have the world's largest energy subsidy bill and that additional reforms are still needed to curb government spending.