KHOTANG, July 14: There are many cases where the officials of various consumers committee have been caught embezzling millions of rupees meant for development projects. Such irregularities have given a bad name to the consumers' committees.

JUMLA, May 23: Hari Bahadur BK of Jumla’s Patarasi Rural Municipality is currently busy picking yarsagumba in Patan area in the district’s uplands. In fact, majority of the youths in the Karnali region are doing the same. Lack of employment opportunities has attracted many people here into the lucrative yarsagumba trade.

In a tweet on Tuesday, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton joined the chorus of voices calling on people to delete the social network. His advice to users to stop using the service is notable because WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

No matter how many hours you spend scrolling through the internet to create a perfect design plan or rotating accessories throughout your house, interior decorating is always a bit tricky. And if that weren’t enough of a challenge, there are some basic décor mistakes that we unknowingly succumb to that send all our efforts down the drain. So The Week sought the help of Shreebha Shrestha, interior designer at Interior Points Nepal in Shankhamul, Kathmandu, to list out the top five common mistakes we all make while decorating our homes and also learn how to best correct them.

WhatsApp is making a significant change to the way it lets people "unsent" messages.

Art for everyone

November 3, 2017 11:05 am

Sanjeev Maharjan, along with his partner Sunita Maharjan, established Drawing Room KTM in the year 2013. The aim of this organization was to develop a productive platform for art enthusiasts in the valley with the theme: Art is for everyone. “I often hear people saying that they are extremely bad at art.

WASHINGTON, July 6: Not everybody asserts as confidently as the Pentagon that the U.S. military can defend the United States from the growing threat posed by North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile capability.

MUMBAI, April 20: England-born singer-composer Adnan Sami, who was granted Indian citizenship more than a year ago, says he has been greatly influenced by the folk music of the northeast and by maestros like Sachin Dev Burman.

The entire discourse constructed by the society on feminism makes it sound like one is begging for mercy. As a girl, I totally reject the concept of feminism created by the society. I ask myself: why are most people trying to defend the rights of women by offering them with special treatments? If women are equal in each and every aspect and capable of working with the male hand in hand, then why should the word ‘feminism’ strikes in each and every debate?

Our capital city Kathmandu is now turning into Dustmandu. With the increase in pollution and dust in the air, irritation and other health problems are not uncommon among Kathmanduites. Republica talked to the people in Kathmandu to get their opinion on this issue.

WhatsApp has swiftly grown from a small startup to one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion users. While you may use it every day, you might be unaware of the cool tricks and secret features hiding in the app.

KATHMANDU, June 22: The dead bodies and mortal remains of the 12 Nepalis killed in Kabul on Monday have been brought to Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu.