Sagar Ghimire of Republica caught up with Sameer Khatiwada, an economist at the Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department to understand how Nepal can prepare itself for what lies ahead in terms of technological revolution. Excerpts:

Enabling semester system

February 11, 2018 00:09 am

Unlike in annual system of education where teachers predominantly depended on lecture method of teaching and barely engage with students outside the classroom, teachers today are seen in continuous academic engagements from the beginning to the end of academic session. This change started in Tribhuvan University after introduction of semester system in 2014.

Enabling the disabled

January 5, 2018 10:19 am

According to Prosthetics Orthotics Society-Nepal, at the moment, there are only 11 certified Nepali Prosthetists Orthotists in the country. But even before we begin to brood over the circumstance, Anita Lama, the only certified female Nepali Prothetist Orthotist so far, is certain many of the Nepali public will have to be informed what the title actually refers to.