RASUWA, June 25: Farmers of Rasuwa are being attracted towards use of modern technology in agriculture. Farmers of Naukunda Rural Municipality are using equipment for plowing the field and de-cobbing maize, among others. Farm equipment has come as a boon to farmers who were facing hard times arranging laborers for farm works.

Supermodel Heidi Klum said at the age of 44 she is not searching for the fountain of youth and is trying to embrace ageing.

The male form in various states of undress has featured in Nepali art for centuries. Just look at the Chakrasamvara Mandala, a 13th-century Nepali paubha painting depicting the union of the deity Chakrasamvara and his consort Vajravarahi, or the many statues in erotic poses found at the Hindu temples of Kathmandu.

Embrace Solitude

September 5, 2017 09:45 am

The term solitude means the state of being alone. Most people believe that being alone will not give us happiness in life. Not surprisingly, the world is now becoming tough for us due to the cut-throat competition.

The Embrace

September 4, 2017 07:56 am

I had asked for lots in my life but not all were fulfilled, and the one that did fulfill left me all emptied. It was on the 13th of October as I still do recall, I wasn’t much of a positive person but I had been diagnosed positive. Positive of cancer. I got the reports and I sent him a letter.

The term ‘peace’ comes from the Anglo-French ‘pes’, and the Old French ‘pais’, both meaning “peace, reconciliation, silence, agreement. All the religions advocate peace. Before thinking about world peace, we must focus on inner peace. Inner peace refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace.

Embrace all

December 1, 2016 00:45 am

Our worst fears are being realized. Over the past one month we have in this space repeatedly emphasized the importance of political consensus—among at least the four major political actors who own up post-2006 changes, namely Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, CPN (Maoist Center) and Madheshi Morcha—in order to amend the constitution.

CALIFIORNIA, Nov 9: A ballot measure to make recreational marijuana legal for adults was headed for approval in California, opening the most populous US state to a burgeoning commercial cannabis market in a major victory for supporters of liberalized drug laws.

PALPA, July 4 :Karna Bahadur Chidi, a farmer of Kaseni in Palpa, stopped tilling his field with oxen seven years ago. He has been preparing land for cultivation by using tractors ever since. Other farmers in the village followed his footsteps and stopped rearing oxen altogether.