SEOUL, South Korea, May 1:  The rival Koreas dismantled huge loudspeakers used to blare Cold War-style propaganda across their tense border on Tuesday, as South Korea’s president asked the United Nations to observe the North’s planned closing of its nuclear test site.

In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court has issued mandamus order to the government authorities to conserve the Fewa lake even if it requires demolishing the already built illegal strucutres.

KANCHANPUR, Dec 19: In an effort to end Chhaupadi, a campaign has been launched to dismantle Chhaupadi sheds in the district. Chhaupadi is an outlawed ancient Hindu practice that banishes women to a shed during menstruation and after childbirth deeming them impure.

GAUSHALA, Feb 2: Indian officials have directed the authorities concerned to dismantle concrete roads and drainage constructed recently by the Indian side along the no man's land between Matihani in Nepal's Mahottari and India's Madhubani area.

BEIJING, July 22: Chinese officials have begun dismantling buildings at Larung Gar, one of the world's largest centers of Tibetan Buddhist learning, according to overseas-based Tibetan groups.