Chepangs get a community building

March 26, 2019 10:28 am

DHADING, March 26: Chepang women have built a community building recently been constructed in ward 10 of Benighat, Rorang Rural Municipality in southern Dhadhing.

DHADING, Sept 2: The Prithivi Highway in Dhadhing section gets obstructed almost on a daily basis these days. As soon as it rains, debris of mud and soil get collected along the highway, obstructing vehicular movement at various places.

DHADING, June 19: Some female students at a local school of Dhading start collapsing as soon as they enter their classes. After completely collapsing on the floor, they start screaming, shivering and laughing hysterically. They also repeatedly murmur 'save me', among other mysterious symptoms.