It is common for an average person to take paracetamol when he/she is having a fever, bothering the busy schedule ahead. How many times do we take sinex or disprin when we are having a cold or headache? I have also seen many girls take painkillers such as aspirin to relieve their pain during the menstrual cycle. Medicines are saviours, but aren't the medicines 'drugs' as well, only having a label of 'pharmaceutical' in front of them? If the word 'drug' has such a bad connotation in our society, why does a 'pharmaceutical drug' hold an exception?

NEPALGUNJ, July 30: Bhandu Rai has been selling vegetables at Rani Talau vegetable market of Nepalgunj for years now.

JHAPA, Nov 29: Even a small decision taken by India has been delivering a big jolt to the Nepali economy because of our reluctance to reduce trade dependency on the southern neighbor and the government negligence to diversify export products.