BAITADI, June 8: Voters in rural areas of Baitadi district are worrying of higher number of invalid votes despite their happiness to participate in the local level elections taking place after around two decades.

KATHMANDU, April 7:  Most of the lawmakers speaking in the 'Special Hour' of the Legislature-Parliament session on Friday objected to the decision of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City approving the construction of a multi-storey building at the Old Bus Park in Kathmandu despite knowing that the Kathmandu Valley lies in high-risk earthquake zone.

Los Angeles, Feb 25: The six directors, whose movies have been nominated for best foreign-language film at this years Oscars, have condemned "the climate of fanaticism and nationalism" in the US and other countries.

KATHMANDU, Aug 20: "Life has been painful for me. I can neither live a healthy life nor let myself to die." These were the words of Binita Oli, 31, form Ota VDC of Ropla, a hilly district in mid-western Nepal, who has suffered a kidney failure.

HONG KONG, June 17: Hong Kong pro-democracy groups rallied Friday against China's tightening grip on the semiautonomous city following electrifying revelations by a bookseller who spoke out about his months-long detention in the mainland.