CARACAS, June 17: Seventeen people were killed at a crowded nightclub in Venezuela’s capital Saturday after a tear gas device exploded during a brawl and triggered a desperate stampede among hundreds gathered for a graduation celebration, government officials said.

Taken together, Delhi and the cities bordering it — Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, etc — make up the world’s second most populated urban settlement with a national capital at its center. Tokyo is first while Mexico City is third.

DHAKA, Jan 5: An aid agency projects 48,000 babies will be born this year in the refugee camps for Rohingya Muslims who have fled to Bangladesh after military operations against them in Myanmar.

KATHMANDU, Sept 26: The throng of frenzied shoppers rushing about Kathmandu’s market places is a clear indicator of the Dashain festival arriving.  The footfall in main market areas of the Capital city before the exodus of those who’ve migrated to the Valley in search of better life creates a festive mood among shoppers as well as traders.

KATHMANDU (REPU-BLICA): GEM Flooring has won the 'Best Crowded Stall Award' in the 'Furniture and Furniture Expo-2017', being able to attract more visitors than other stalls.

Every morning, 22-year-old Sandhya Rai makes a journey with her head bent and back arched in an awkwardly position. A 30-minute drive from Chabahil to Sundhara takes about two hours to finally get to her office. Wearing sunglasses and a respiratory mask on a regular basis is how she deals with the scorching heat of summer and smog, but when it comes to dealing with the utter discomfort of travelling in a jam-packed public vehicle, she finds herself absolutely helpless.

Like FaceTime for iPhones, Duo only requires a person's phone number to connect. Many other services require both participants to have account logins to use their video calling options.