Living an avatar

July 19, 2019 09:39 am

Cosplay in Nepal is mostly hand done. Except for the wigs and lenses that have to be imported, everything is created from scratch. Putting together a look requires mastery over craftsmanship, fabrication, makeup, props designing, wig styling, armor designing, performance, and also acting.

How would you save vanishing traditional craftsmanship? An entrepreneur finds a way.

Conscious craftsmanship

September 1, 2017 17:45 pm

I have never written a word wanting it to prize-worthy. My writings are mainly how I express myself as well as my contributions to the society. But, having said that, I’m very happy to be honored with such a prestigious award. It, in some way, does feel like a glorious result of all my hard work and I believe it will also inspire me to write more and write well in the future.