MOSCOW, Aug 23: Washington trade tariffs against Beijing appear to be backfiring on the US coal industry, as Chinese importers are finding new domestic alternatives to soften the blow.

BEIJING, Mar 5: China’s state planner pledged on Monday to cut more steel and coal production capacity this year, putting the country on track to beat its long-term targets, as Beijing reinforced its vow to beat smog and make “skies blue again”.

Costlier coal worries brick manufacturers

February 13, 2018 02:45 am

KOHALPUR, Feb 13: The price of coal, which is used by brick entrepreneurs to fire their kiln, has increased by as much as 25 percent with the imposition Goods and Services Tax (GST) by India.

Coal Disillusion in Asia

November 4, 2017 08:31 am

Coal is a combustible black or brown sedimentary rock composed mostly of carbon and hydrocarbons. It is a fossil fuel and is altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that originally accumulated in swamps and pet logs. It is a non renewable form of energy absorbed by plants from the sun millions of years ago.

BEIJING, Feb 14: A coal mine explosion Tuesday in central China has left eight people dead and three injured, state media reported.

BEIJING, Dec 6: A gas explosion has trapped 11 Chinese coal miners underground, in the latest in a string of deadly accidents striking the industry after 53 miners were killed in two similar blasts last week.

BEIJING, Nov 1: The Latest on an explosion in a western China coal mine. State media now say 13 miners have been found dead after a gas explosion inside a coal mine in western China, and rescuers continue to search for another 20 people trapped inside.

BEIJING, Oct 31: Chinese state media say 33 miners are trapped after a gas explosion ripped through the shaft in which they were working.

BEIJING, Oct 15: A gas explosion inside a coal mine in southwestern China has killed seven people and injured two more.