KATHMANDU, April 19: The two-day Vitamin ‘A’ capsule and de-worming tablet administration programme to children up to five years of age kicked off today.

A sleek new American-built capsule with just a test dummy aboard docked smoothly with the International Space Station on Sunday, bringing the U.S. a big step closer to getting back in the business of launching astronauts.

BABIYACHAUR Feb 27: Sheer negligence on part of a pharmacy staff at Beni Hospital (Myagdi District Hospital) has been reported regarding distribution of medicines to pregnant woman.

Capsule wardrobe 101

October 27, 2017 09:28 am

With a hundred different things that need our attention every morning, most of us don’t have more than a few minutes to decide what to wear to work. In this rush, we often find ourselves reaching for the same piece of clothing or compromising on our style. It needn’t be the case if you have a capsule wardrobe which is a compact wardrobe made of some basic pieces of clothing and accessories that you can mix and match. With a capsule wardrobe, you needn’t worry about looking dull and drab as you hurriedly get ready for work.