Desire from your heart

December 2, 2020 08:30 am

Believe in your passion and desire from your heart Life will give you genuinely but you need to work hard It's all in your Karma so sow it with right mindset Eventually you will reap the benefits and that will be your assets.

Believe in your abilities

May 23, 2020 15:50 pm

Those person who put their efforts will never go into waste Just believe in yourself and move so that you can embrace Though you might not see any outcomes in first place But eventually something good is happening in the process.

How hungry you are?

June 1, 2019 08:00 am

The dreams that you see has to go through many trails Life doesn't give you anything easily before it tests your time and while You have to prove that you need it Until and unless you don't do it


January 1, 2019 17:42 pm

Just get up and do whatever you have to in the early morning Don't procrastinate and upset your future settings Your laziness can cost you much in life So be active and get into work to shine your amazing life.

Where people do and don't believe in Human Rights

Do you believe in your stars?

January 4, 2018 07:48 am

If we were to be given a superpower, a power to see the future does not sound so bad. We can know if the decision we take will be for the best or the worst, or if we should take that decision at all. While living in such supernatural world is an intriguing idea, we are only humans. But that has never stopped us from being fascinated by the possibility of knowing what our future holds for us. There is a big chunk of people who believe in things like tarot card reading, fortune-telling and mostly horoscopes.

DHADING, Nov 13: Every candidate is aware that an impressive agenda is the key to win elections. So, they often reach out to the locals making larger than life promises which they can hardly deliver. Before the elections, they pledge to make vast improvements in various sectors including education, health, transportation, and business, among others, but they hardly show up after the elections.

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: Manifestos and commitments that political parties have come up with for upcoming elections of House of Representatives and Province are misleading the public. Like in the past, political parties once again have put forward similar plans and dreams of massive development, employment and economic growth to lure voters.

Believe in your dreams

July 5, 2017 14:03 pm

What you expect, what you do to meet that expectation and what results you get, these are the most important factors in life that help you to evaluate whether you are successful or not.

Bhawana Ghimire is a well known name in sports management. She was appointed the first female CEO of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) in October 2014. She worked for CAN as CEO for 21 months and is currently the executive director of Bat and Ball Foundation (B2F), a non-profit organization which aims to work in the field of cricket development. In conversation with Republica’s Prasansha Rimal she talks about her experience as CEO of CAN and challenges and opportunities in the field of sports development in Nepal.

Mumbai, Nov 17: Actress Kajol, who believes in a regular skin care regime, says it took some time for her to believe that she is beautiful.