KATHMANDU, March 13: As many as 17 lawmakers have proposed to reject foreign direct investment in primary sectors of agriculture like poultry, fishery, horticulture, animal husbandry, milk processing and beekeeping.

JHAPA, June 25: Dhanamaya Thapa, a resident of Shivasatakshi Municipality, would always worry about her future as she has no formal education. Though peasant’s life would not attract her, she used to think that she had no options. However, her future had something else for her in store.

RUKUM, Feb 20: Until few years ago, nobody in Pokhara of Sisne Rural Municipality-3 in East Rukum cared about Om Prakash Khadka. Everybody doubted his working ability.

PARBAT, Jan 6: High use of pesticides in farms, especially vegetables that are the grazing area for bees, has significantly affected beekeeping businesses in the district.

PYUTHAN, Nov 20: Khopiram Dhedi of Tiram in Mandavi Rural Municipality-1 of Pyuthan returned home 25 years ago losing both his legs in an electric shock. The double amputee has now become an exemplary beekeeper in the entire district.

MYAGDI, Nov 20: Govinda Khatri of Mangala Rural Municipality-1 of Myagdi sold honey and beehives worth Rs 1.4 million last year. He had earned only Rs 10,000 in his first year as a professional beekeeper four years ago.

BAITADI, July 30: For Kalawati Bhatta of Barakot, Dashrathchand-10, it was really difficult to buy the kitchen ration to make daily ends meet for her family. Her husband, the sole bread earner for the impoverished family, had the responsibility to look after not only Kalawati and himself, but their children and in-laws as well -- six of them. He was a laborer working on daily wage. But with extremely low pay, he could not simply pay for the household expenses.

MYAGDI, Jan 4: Beekeeping has worked wonders for Govinda Khatri, a farmer from Moulathar in Kuhu-3 of Myagdi district.