Learning the perks of baking

July 16, 2019 17:00 pm

‘Little Bakers’ which started in 2017 was an idea generated with a fluke when they decided to teach their sister baking while babysitting her instead of letting her watch the television for all day long. Avinash having started baking since 2012 coaches the students that come to learn the joys of baking while Shristi coordinates in managing the programs. Located at Golfutar, near the basketball court the smell of the freshly baked items fills up the street especially on the weekends.

The many joys of baking

June 7, 2019 13:47 pm

In the nine years of her career as a chef, she has worked with the same vigor and tenacity as she had when starting out.

A head start on baking goals

August 11, 2017 14:03 pm

Every baking enthusiast must begin somewhere. Regardless of how intimidating a pie, a cake or (if you like fancy pastries) a soufflé, a crème brûlée may appear, one needs to fire up the oven. Nabin Basu, executive chef at Baker’s Den, Bhatbhateni who also happens to be an instructor at various hotel management colleges, believes the sooner you get started the better it is. This is because the calculated science behind baking can only be mastered with lots of practice. If you are new to baking though, Basu is willing to help you avoid the messy experience. Here, he shares some handy guidelines all beginners would benefit from.

Beginner’s guide to baking

May 26, 2017 09:57 am

Baking at home is tricky because of the small oven that people generally have at home. There are chances that your cake can get burnt if you don’t take care of the temperature. Some ovens might not even be able to provide enough heat for deep dishes, so you can buy a couple of shallow cake trays of the same width and then assemble the cake together. Make sure that your batter is airy so that your sponge becomes light.