KATHMANDU, JULY 24: The classroom was packed with foreign students; teachers were lined up in the front to deliver lectures at the orientation class for the Nepali language course on Wednesday at the Campus of International Languages, Exhibition Road.

MYAGDI, July 10: Farmers in Myagdi district are attracted to sheep farming these days due to its low investment and high profitability.

NUWAKOT, June 27: Farmers of Nuwakot are becoming attracted toward Japanese rainbow trout farming again after some villages in the district were selected for the 10-year Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project.

JUMLA, June 26: Apple farmers, who have suffered from black frost, heavy rains, hailstones and pest attacks, are gradually being attracted toward crop insurance program.

JUMLA, Feb 27: Women entrepreneurs of Patmara VDC in Jumla district have now been attracted towards buckwheat production.