SURKHET, Aug 8: An unidentified group has vandalized the popular tourist spot Kakrebihar at Latikoili of Birendranagar-9 in Surkhet district in series of attacks.

KHALANGA, July 3: Archaeologically important idols that were stolen from Chandannath temple are yet to be found. It may be noted that the idols were taken away from the famous Chandannath temple in Khalanga Bazaar on 27 November 2016. Locals had resorted to protest including picketing of the district administration to mount pressure for immediate actions during a month after the theft of idols.

KAPILVASTU, Feb 23: The latest archaeological excavation carried out under the aegis of the Department of Archaeology has discovered that Kapilvastu has the highest number of archaeological sites in the country. It has identified 136 archaeological sites in the district.