WASHINGTON, July 2: The amount of ice circling Antarctica is suddenly plunging from a record high to record lows, baffling scientists.

Feb 3: The Antarctica of 250 million years ago was a far cry from today's icy landscape.

WEST ANTARCTICA, Jan 31: A hole the size of two-thirds of Manhattan and 1,000 feet deep has been found in a glacier in Antarctica.

OSLO, Jan 15: Antarctica’s annual ice losses have accelerated six-fold in the past 40 years in a trend that could push sea levels meters higher in coming centuries amid man-made global warming, scientists said on Monday.

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: Antarctica grabbed his attention one fine day when he was surfing the Internet a year ago. How many Nepalis might have visited this mesmerizing continent, wondered Dr Badri Pokharel. Google search revealed that only three Nepali nationals had been to the coldest continent on earth by then.

Antarctica is melting faster

June 20, 2018 11:25 am

Scientists have long known that rising temperatures are melting Antarctica's vast ice sheet, sending water into the Southern Ocean and raising sea levels around the world. But many were surprised last week by a new study showing that Antarctica's ice is melting three times faster today than just a decade ago.

Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica

July 12, 2017 17:02 pm

LONDON, July 12: One of the biggest icebergs on record has broken away from Antarctica, scientists said on Wednesday, creating an extra hazard for ships around the continent as it breaks up.

Pandit to hoist Nepali flag in Antarctica

December 22, 2016 21:31 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Mountaineer Sanjay Pandit, who has already ascended the tallest peak in the world -Mountain Everest-as well as the tallest peaks in the Europe, Africa and South America among others, is setting his eye on Antarctica.