A new study has found half of people don’t initially see both a rabbit and a duck in the classic optical illusion below.

KATHMANDU, Mar 29: The ministers of the Federal Executive must answer the questions put up by parliamentarians to hold the government accountable.

You may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust, right? People’s definition of ‘honesty’ varies and that difference of opinion about the ‘best policy’ can make partners in a relationship uncomfortable.

A difference in brain structure makes boys callous and unemotional, says a new study.

The answer is no

November 24, 2017 09:36 am

I have watched movies I didn’t want to watch in the first place, gone to places I didn’t want to go to, hung out on Friday nights when I was sick and actually wanted to stay in bed, and bought expensive raffles or charity event tickets when there were at least a dozen things I could have used all that money for. And all this happened because I simply couldn’t utter one simple word: No.

KATHMANDU, September 5: The main opposition CPN-UML has demanded that the government clarifications over the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) land scam.

Lingchi, or death by a thousand cuts, may have been outlawed in China by 1905, but the practice is still very much alive and well in the kitchens, bathrooms and Homebase car parks of disintegrating couple

ROLPA, July 10: On the evening of March 10, 1999, a group of local youths terrorized by the armed Maoist conflict were holding discussions at the house of Bal Bahadur Rokka at Lungri-7, Harjang. Troubled by the Maoist rebels, they had formed a 'retaliation committee' to patrol the village.

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