A gilded coffin that was featured at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is on its way back to Egypt after it was determined to be a looted antiquity.

Bhaktapur, March 12: A study has come up with primary fact that the 'Bhajya' or Bhaju Pokhari (pond) based in Bhaktapur municipality-1 was 500 years ancient than the Ranipokhari of Kathmandu.

A new study suggests the practice of building huge stone monuments spread throughout ancient Europe from northwestern France.

KATHMANDU, May 15: The Embassy of Pakistan held a round table discussions on the 'Relevance of Ancient Silk Route in Modern Times: Nepal-Pakistan' in the capital on Monday.

DIRIYAH, April 21: Just outside Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh, a group of elementary school children are on a field trip at Diriyah, where engineers and construction workers are busy restoring a 17th-century fortress, mosques and clay-colored structures that were once the ruling family’s seat of power.

DOLAKHA, March 27: From distance, it looks like a majestic ancient town. The beauty is breathtaking. As you go near, the settlement gives you a disturbing feel.

BHAKTAPUR, March 11: From an ancient period, Bhaktapur’s Pottery Square has been a hub for the locals to earn their living through pottery. Elderly people as well as the local youths, especially belonging to the Prajapati community, have been participating to preserve this age-long culture.

NAWALPARASI, Jan 23: Remains of an ancient pond and a Buddhist vihara have been found at the Ramgram Stupa in Nawalparasi district. The stupa houses the astadhatu (the relics) of Lord Gautam Buddha.

Turn the clock back just over half a century and a contest between two men in the ancient Egyptian martial art of tahteeb could see the loser injured, or even killed.

China to rebuild ancient Silk Road

A research has shown that renowned museums and affluent people do attach great importance to collecting, selling and transacting rare goods of archeological importance.

MYAGDI, Dec 20: Despite the information technology penetrating the world, the age-old tradition of assigning the Katwal (messenger) to relay important messages and announcements in the remote villages of the district is still in existence.