KATHMANDU, April 2: The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index opened trading on Monday where it lost a modest 5.45 points. However, the local stock market saw considerable strength in the latter three trading days of the week. The benchmark climbed 32.14 points on Tuesday followed by a gain of 43.37 points on Wednesday. The buying momentum lost some steam in the last trading day of the week but managed to close in green. The index rose 12.87 points higher on Thursday. Overall, the index gathered a total of 82.93 points or 3.25% ending week at 2,631.90.

KATHMANDU, March 26: Stocks witnessed a massive surge in the beginning of the week as the Nepalese share market’s benchmark shot up by 63.38 points on Sunday. The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index pulled back on Monday and fell 24.07 points. Further strength ensued as the index rose 14.55 points and 41.3 points on Tuesday and Wednesday. The index saw some correction on the last trading day of the week with a decline of 21.28 points on Thursday. Overall, the gain tally for the week stood at 73.88 points or 2.98% with Nepse ending at 2,548.97.

KATHMANDU, Dec 25: The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index extended its losses from the week earlier fueled by the political turmoil on Sunday. The benchmark tanked almost 100 points in Sunday’s session but the stock market found a firm footing after witnessing a sharp rebound on Monday. After falling almost 60 points, the index ended Monday with a 30-point advance. The strength carried over to Tuesday’s trading with the index rallying over 95 points. The momentum subsided slightly as the market witnessed a gain of seven points on Wednesday followed by a 30 point’s decline on Thursday. Consequently, the index registered a weekly gain of 6.11 or 0.30% points to settle at 2038.63.

KATHMANDU, July 11: The post-lockdown relaxation trading has seen fairly favorable movement as investors saw another week of bullish movement. Despite the previous week closing with a 6 percent rout, the market remained fairly stable this week with four days of advance and one day of correction. The benchmark Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index saw a moderate gain and closed 9 points higher on Sunday. The following two sessions added to the gains as the index rose 33 points and 37 points on Monday and Tuesday. The index retraced 10 points on Wednesday, while Thursday was marked by a modest rise of 4 points. Overall, the index ended the review period 75 points or 4.23 percent higher at 1,331.10 points.