KATHMANDU, June 18: The Supreme Court has issued an interim order against the government's plan to export sand, stones and pebbles to bridge the widening trade deficit.

GORKHA, Nov 30: The District Administration Office (DAO) in Gorkha has asked all the local level governments in the district to stop operation of crusher industries that are making illegal excavation of sands and stones.

MORANG, August 31: Extraction of construction materials like sands and pebbles from rivers based in Morang continues unabated despite a ban.

Slipping Sands of Time

August 8, 2017 13:04 pm

Each day I wake up in the same room at the buzz of an alarm and follow the same usual routine. Sometimes, I get the feeling that I wake up to live the every days the same. And yet each day in itself brings with it an eternity. Well, that is the same thought that many of us feel. When you look back to the days you prized the most, you realize things have changed for the better or the worst.