The deteriorating and declining metropolitan image of Kathmandu is damaging its ‘Shangri La’ character. A centralized system has pushed people of outer districts to settle here, in the capital city, in search of a better future. As a result of being the main tourism hub and witnessing a large concentration of administrative establishments, and educational and health centers, Kathmandu began to gradually transform into a nasty city with all sorts of mess.

Restoring lost glory

July 6, 2018 08:04 am

The earthquakes of 2015 left many Nepalis in despair. Not only did it leave many people homeless but it also destroyed many of our important heritage sites. And, even today, three years after the massive earthquakes, these precious heritage sites, that speak volumes of our culture and tradition, have not been restored to its original glory. It is this scenario that compelled social activist Alok Siddhi Tuladhar to raise the issue of effective renovation and restoration through various campaigns.

KATHMANDU, April 10 : After Prime Minister KP Oli expressed utter dissatisfaction over the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA)'s indecision about the fate of Singha Durbar, which houses the central secretariat of the government, Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority Yubaraj Bhusal is under pressure to decide whether to retrofit the structure or demolish the damaged portions and rebuild anew.

Restoring competition

May 23, 2017 00:15 am

Between mid-1980’s and today, labor’s share of world GDP declined to 58 percent, while capital’s share rose to 42 percent

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: Long-drawn out work of the Melamchi Water Supply Project (MSWP) has brought along many difficulties for the denizens of Kathmandu Valley.

CHITWAN, Aug 25: Shiva Prasad Rimal was looking quite emotional on Wednesday morning while he was feeding a giant wild animal. There was no trace of fear in his face; neither was he in hurry to get the job done. “It might have pained him a lot. There were six bullets in this rhino's body,” he said while tending the rhino at the Chitwan National Park.