Tattoo making has always been a part of Nepali traditions. Back in the days, it was a cultural norm among the Rais and Limbus of the country. Now, it has assumed form like it has done in most countries – it is how millions immortalize memories, maintain faith and derive strength in difficult times. Tattoo artists, as such, take great pleasure from their work and so does Sumina Shrestha.

It is the delusion of the modern time people that science and technology can make us happy and so is about money. At some point it gives materialistic pleasure but slowly and gradually, it turns out to be temporary. Even those possessing sufficient facilities are found to be in depression and other mental illness. Eventually, we’re living a dual life wearing a mask and acting as being perfect but inner side being empty.

KATHMANDU, Nov 14: Vehicle of CPN-UML’s Bhojpur candidate Sherdhan Rai was ambushed by 14 cadres of CPN-Maoist (Revolutionary) leader Biplav at 10 am today.