KABUL/JALALABAD, May 13: Gunmen disguised as police attacked a hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday, killing 16 people including two newborn babies from a maternity clinic run by the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

LAHAN, Jan 7: Three newborns died at a Lahan-based private hospital on a single day, it has been learnt. The babies born on Friday at Saptarishi Hospital, Lahan were declared dead one after another within 24 hours.

BARA, April 7: After losing her six years old son to the deadly tornado a week ago, Rekhma Khatun is found wandering places clutching her 20 days old daughter by her chest. Despite crying for a whole week, her eyes are still wet. Her family members try to console her but that further breaks her into tears.

LALITPUR, Feb 4: Patan Hospital remained tense throughout the day after a newly born baby died in the course of treatment Friday night.