KATHMANDU, Sept 21: Four years since the destructive earthquakes of 2015, Kaiser Library in the capital is still awaiting reconstruction. The 112 years old Kaiser Sumsher’s home-based library which was later handed over to the government by his wife after his death was turned into ruins by the 2015 earthquakes. Since then almost 28,000 Kaiser Shumsher’s rare collections are left to rot in the library.

Kaiser Library awaits renovation

September 4, 2018 08:30 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 4: Around 60,000 books including some rare manuscripts have somehow been stuffed into two tiny, congested rooms in the Kaiser Library. Severe damage to the library in the heart of the capital during the April 2015 earthquake has left the upper part of the historical building completely inaccessible. The Thamel-based building, which lies to the west of Narayanhiti Palace Museum across the road, has developed multiple cracks. Leakages are no longer uncommon during the monsoon, risking damage to the valuable books that the library owns.