YANGON, Myanmar, April 18:  Myanmar’s junta on Saturday released more than 23,000 prisoners to mark the traditional new year holiday, including at least three political detainees, and the military leader behind the February coup confirmed he would attend a regional summit later this month.

YANGON, April 6: Myanmar’s ruling junta stepped up its campaign against celebrities who support nationwide protests against its seizure of power, publishing wanted lists in the state press and warning against using their work.

MAE SAM LAEP, March 31: The military launched more airstrikes Tuesday in eastern Myanmar after earlier attacks forced thousands of ethnic Karen to flee into Thailand and further escalating violence two months after the junta seized power.

YANGON, MYANMAR, March 15: Myanmar’s ruling junta has declared martial law in six townships in the country’s largest city, as security forces killed dozens of protesters over the weekend in an increasingly lethal crackdown on resistance to last month’s military coup.

YANGON, MYANMAR, Feb 5: A senior member of Myanmar’s deposed ruling party has become the latest prominent politician arrested as the country’s new military government confronts continuing resistance to its seizure of power.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has deplored the seizure of Myanmar’s elected ruling regime and declaration of a state of emergency for the period of one year by Myanmar’s Junta.