Keep fighting

March 11, 2020 09:28 am

That Chhaupadi system—whereby girls and women are secluded during menstruation for days and are forced to live in dangerous sheds—is a human cruelty is no brainer. This has resulted in huge social, psychological and physical harm on women. They have suffered isolation, poor hygiene, sexual abuse and even deaths while adhering to this extremely harmful traditional practice.

93 chhaugoths demolished in two days

January 8, 2020 15:10 pm

DAILEKH, Jan 8: The District Administration Office and District Police Office have demolished 93 chhaugoths at different local levels of the western part of the Dailekh district. Chhaugoth is a separate poorly ventilated hut where menstruating women are made to stay in for at least the first five to seven days.