KATHMANDU, Sept 10: Nepal recorded 1,146 new COVID-19 cases and 21 deaths due to the virus on Friday, according to the latest information provided by the Ministry of Health and Population.

KATHMANDU, August 24: A total of 2,525 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the country in the past 24 hours.

KATHMANDU, July 27: Kathmandu Valley recorded 774 cases of COVID-19 on the same day. Of them, 475 cases were detected in Kathmandu, 132 in Bhaktapur and 167 in Lalitpur districts.

KATHMANDU, June 18: Nepal has recorded 2,421 new cases, 3,558 recoveries and 81 deaths on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, July 24: Nepal has reported 133 new cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the last 24 hours.

KATHMANDU, July 8: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has said that 253 patients of COVID-19 were recovered in past 24 hours.

Contact tracing has been used for decades to control the spread of infectious diseases. The basic idea is simple: track down infected people, then find everyone who has been near them and encourage those people to stay home until it is clear they are not sick.