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Published On: February 28, 2020 10:11 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Which is that one song that cheers you up?
Happiness is never a constant state. However, all of us have that one particular thing that we do that lifts our moods up and makes us feel happy about ourselves and our lives. For some, it can be knitting or watching their favorite sit-come but for most of us, it’s music. There’s something about melodies, tunes and lyrics that can make us feel really good and can instantly lift our moods. Maybe it’s the memories attached to a particular song or just the way the song makes us feel, we all have that one song we turn to to feel better. We asked some people what they considered to be their “theme song”. Here are their answers. 

Krishana Thapa, Student
Honestly there isn’t just one particular song that makes me feel happy or gets me in a good mood. A lot of songs can do that. But I do realize that I have a particular genre that I gravitate to, especially when I’m feeling low and need a boost of happiness. I like to listen to funky, peppy songs like Pharrel William’s Happy. Nowadays, I’ve been listening to this Nepali song “Dalli Dalli” that I’m really liking it. Its upbeat feel and melodious tune really lifts up my spirits. So, I’d say fun, invigorating songs are my go-to tracks when I’m feeling down and need a pick me up. 

Manan Pandey, Student
Most songs by the Nepali band Edge are my go-to songs. However, if I were to choose one among them all, it would have to be Thaha Chaina. The vocals along with the music and rhythm is something that deeply touches me and stirs a feeling that I cannot explain. And so, whenever I open my playlist to listen to music, this song is the the very first one that I listen to. The song makes me feel at peace and really good overall. The fact that I listen to it every chance I get probably makes Thaha Chaina my happy song. 

Prajesh Sagar, Student
I hadn’t really thought about it till now but Dancin’ by Aaron Smith is probably that one song that can make me feel happy almost in an instant. I have always been more of a progressive rock kind of guy but when I heard this song I loved it immediately, even though it falls under the pop genre. Everything comes together beautifully to make a super funky, fun song that can make you feel really good. Also, along with making you want to get up and dance wherever you are, it also makes you feel like you’re in the present. 

Aishwarya Baidar, Writer/Vlogger
To be honest, I have way too many songs that make me happy when I start listening to them. If I had to pick only one out of that list, it would be Obla Di Obla Da by The Beatles. It’s a cherry and jovial song in itself and everything about it makes me happy—from the simple lyrics to the catchy melody. Also, I’m reminded of the time when I would ride on my friend’s bike while blasting this song on my phone because both of us liked it a lot. Just thinking about those days makes me very happy. But there are many others that have a similar effect and I get transported to different times while listening to them. 

Sujan Moktan Lama, Fashion Designer
My happy go-to songs are Begin Again by Taylor Swift and I by Taeyeon. In case of Begin Again, the title says it all. If I’m having a bad day or not feeling my best self, the song tells me to “begin again” which instantly makes me feel better. I also love listening to I by Taeyeon because of its optimistic and positive lyrics. Along with being a really good song, it also has amazing visuals and I love watching it to get myself in a good mood. So, I’d have to say both these songs are my go-to tracks when I want a dose of cheer in life. 

Smriti Pant, Student
My theme song has to be Doraemon’s intro song. And the Hindi one at that. I grew up with this show. Nickelodeon aired it all the time. Whether I was getting ready for school, having dinner or doing homework, this particular cartoon and thus the song was always playing in the background. So you could say it holds a special place in my heart. I truly think that the song is actually pretty meaningful for a children’s show. Sometimes, I even go to YouTube and listen to it to take a trip down memory lane. It never fails to make me smile and lighten my heart. 

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