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Published On: March 23, 2018 08:01 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Mascara wand shapes, sizes and designs explained
Mascara can go a long way in making your eyes stand out, especially when you don’t have much time to spend on eye makeup. This is one essential beauty ritual that can define your eye shape and make it pop without much effort. However, mascara wands come in many shapes, sizes, and even materials and choosing the wrong one might not give you the kind of lashes you want. Most of the time, it’s the mascara wands that create the magic you are after while applying mascara and not the product itself. In order to help you understand these often-feared tools, The Week has rounded up everything you need to know about mascara wands. Read on to find out which type of wand is best suited for the kind of effect you usually seek while applying mascara to your lashes.

Fiber VS plastic
Mascara wands not only come in different shapes but the products that they are made of are different as well. Fiber is the traditional material used for mascara wands. Plastic is a relatively new one. Plastic brush is used to lengthen and separate the lashes but since it holds less amount of product, a few more strokes might be required on your eyelashes for you to get the desired look. Fiber brushes are usually made up of nylon and while they may not give you separate, clear lashes, they do add quite a bit of volume to it. Fiber brushes could be your go-to option on a lazy day or on those days when you simply don’t have 10 extra minutes to spend on perfecting your lashes.

Thick VS thin brush
Thick mascara wands separate your lashes, prevent lash clumping and create a sexy wide-eyed look. Thicker brushes means more area for lashes to run along on, more bristles to go through as well as more product to pick up on. Thick brushes create an even coat and are great for layering. But not everyone can handle a thick wand properly – especially while applying product to the roots of the lashes and this can leave a trail on your eyelids if not handled properly. A thin mascara brush is usually favored by people with naturally dark hair or thick lashes because it gives a clean and polished finish. A thin brush does not weigh down your lashes and provides the natural separated lashes look. Even a beginner can use it properly. You can get to the furthest part of your roots easily and there are less chances of you painting anything other than your lashes.

Curved wands
Curved brushes are made with the intention to follow the natural bend and curve of the human eyelashes. The lashes are lifted upward by the brush and result in a soft, natural looking curl. It also provides volume and definition to the lashes and even manages to coat those hard to get, pesky little lashes at the corner of your eyes. A little trick to remember while using a curved wand is that you should use the bendy side up. Do not direct the wand at your eye with the bendy (or curved) side down because that might have a disastrous result. This little trick will help you get the lash effect you want. 

Tapered wands
Tapered wands are those wands with a lot of volume at the base or bottom of the brush. This kind of brush gradually thins out as it moves upwards. It’s kind of shaped like a Christmas tree. Its pointed end will reach the small lashes at the inner corner of the eyes. The bigger bottom of the brush works on volumizing the bigger and longer lashes at the outer corners of the eyes. The overall effect you will get using this kind of brush is very similar to a cat eye. These brushes are also called comb brushes because the bristles look very similar to a comb teeth and work the same way too, i.e. they separate each individual lashes and prevent clumping. This kind of brush is great for creating drama and for full coverage. This is also a great brush to apply mascara on your lower lashes as its shape helps you apply the product in perfect coats

S-shaped brushes and ball-tip brushes
Although not very commonly used, s-shaped and ball-tip mascara wants deliver quite a look. For all those who love applying layers upon layers of mascara to their lashes than just a sleek coat should opt for an s-shaped brush. Not only does it separate the lashes and prevent clumping, but it also brushes the lashes up almost creating a curve or upturn with it and preventing the product from slopping your lashes down. Most people shy away from buying mascaras with ball-tip wands because of its intimidating form but it does wonders to your eyelashes. This brush is designed to yield precise results. It can apply a nice coat of mascara to any lash (on the outer or inner corner) of the eyes and its unique spherical shape prevents the product from getting on the eyelids too. It also lengthens the lashes and separates them. However, you do have to be quite a pro to use this kind of wand. But a little bit of practice is all you actually need. 

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