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Workout wears

Published On: December 15, 2017 09:43 AM NPT By: Roseyna Pandit

All set to hit the gym but don’t know what to wear? Read on for handy solutions

The feeling is unanimous. If exercise is a regular part of your routine, and you visit the gym or go to zumba classes, then you have to invest in some key pieces of workout wears. Exercising in loose, baggy, and old clothes makes you lose interest in working out sooner than you think. So The Week sough the help of Roseyna Pandit, designer and stylist at Red Velvet in Labim Mall, Lalitpur to give you a run down of the basic items of clothing you must have in your wardrobe if fitness falls on your priority list.  

“Wearing the right clothes to the gym will make a lot of difference in your exercise routine. And readying the perfect ensembles isn’t very difficult either,” she says adding that having the right workout wear even acts as a motivational boost for you to head to the gym. Here she tells you what all you need to invest in to have a comfortable and fashionable workout session.Lightweight t-shirts 

Be it for men or women, a good stock of t-shirts is a must if you are going to the gym on a regular basis. And choosing t-shirts needn’t be time consuming or frustrating either. Pandit suggests simply sticking to cotton or polyester t-shirts for gym use. According to her, this will avoid the possibilities of heat trapping during extensive exercise regimes. You can also find materials especially made for absorbing sweat at fitness stores around town. Buy a couple if you tend to sweat a lot. Pandit suggests buying a few t-shirts in bright colors instead of sticking to blacks and greys.

Sports bra with leggings

These days you will see a lot of women wearing a sports bra and leggings at the gym. While some might feel a little self conscious to just wear a sports bra while exercising, by pairing it with leggings you have the most comfortable and stylish gym ensemble. It’s quite comfortable too. But if you are still unsure, then you can simply slip a tank top or a loose hoodie over it. This gym wear suits everyone, regardless of how big or small they are. Don’t hesitate to try it out at your next workout session. You will definitely get used to it (and love it) after wearing it a few times. 

Base layers

If you are conscious of maintaining a perfect look at the gym then adding an extra layer might be just what you need. Base layers are tight yet flexible sets of t-shirts that can be worn underneath your gym t-shirts. You can wear ones with short sleeves as the main gym wear whereas those with long sleeves can be worn inside your lightweight half sleeve t-shirts. This is actually a very nice combo that looks chic. You can even find odors controlling base layers that can come in really handy for those who sweat a lot. You will be spoilt for choice where base layers are concerned, as there are just too many options these days.

Hoodies or sweatshirts

For winter months, hoodies or sweatshirts are very important. Invest in a good hoodie or sweatshirt and you don’t have to worry about layering on top. The good thing is that apart from it being a very snuggly outfit that is just right for winter, it also hides those love handles and bulges. We recommend customizing your own sweatshirt and wearing unique pieces to the gym this season. 


Shorts are unisex clothing that goes well with anything and works for people with all kinds of body types. It’s also a comfortable workout wear and you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating with this item of clothing. But choosing an ill-fitting pair of shorts can significantly hamper your gym style. Be it for men or women, Pandit advises choosing the right kind and length according to your body type. If you have chunky knees then those that end right below them will be just right but you also needn’t shy out from wearing super short ones. This will draw the attention upwards and away from your knees. Just make sure the shorts aren’t too tight as this might prevent you from doing all the exercise moves comfortably. But if you are opting for loose ones, also keep in mind that they don’t get in the way of your exercise regime. 

Tracksuits and comfortable shoes

This winter, we definitely recommend you invest in a good pair of tracksuit. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to feel compelled to rush home and change the minute you leave the gym. You can go grab that breakfast or a late lunch with a friend this Sunday, post your workout, if you wear a tracksuit to the gym. Tracksuits give you a sporty look and don’t have to be limited to the gym. Also, invest in a good pair of running shoes that you can wear to the gym and also pair it with pants or leggings, if you need to step out immediately after a workout. We recommend the outdoor series of Sketchers or our very own Goldstar that is now available in all pops of colors.

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