Working out with a partner

Published On: February 23, 2018 10:09 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Working out on your own can be tedious sometimes and you also lose motivation quickly. At times like these, working out with a partner can prove to be of immense help. Not only will working out in pairs keep you motivated, but it also won’t seem like a workout making you want to push yourself and keep going. Milan Sijapati, fitness trainer at Freedom Fitness Center in Bansbari, Kathmandu, says that those who workout in pairs are more likely to keep their fitness goals. Here he lists some basic exercises that can be done in pairs. You don’t have to make time for the gym anymore. All you need is a mat, some weights, sturdy shoes, and your partner to make fitness a part of your daily routine.

Squat in sync
This form of exercise can be one of the best types of warm up before moving to core exercise routines. Simply stand facing your partner at arm’s length. Keep your feet slightly wider than your hip-width. Then gently grasp the forearms of your partner and squat down together. Maintain a secured grip throughout the move. Lean back a little with both of you moving down until your thighs are about parallel to the floor. Hold this position for three seconds and slowly return to your starting positions. Repeat it at least for twelve times. 

High-five plank
Again create an arms-length distance facing each other and lie on your stomach. Slowly, get in a plank position with your feet together and hands under the shoulders. Then, lift your right hand off the floor to give your partner a high five. Put your hands down and repeat it again with your left hands. Continue alternating your hands to give high fives for one minute. You may lie down flat and rest for few seconds in between. 

If high-five does not sound good, then you can always go for the reach and touch plank. For this, maintain your plank position as before with your elbows under the shoulders and palms flat on the floor. Now, using your abdominals elevate your torso and reach forward with one hand to touch your partner’s shoulder. Keep switching your hands as before. 

Towel rows
You will need a towel or any other strong cloth to carry out this exercise. However, make sure it is of medium length. Sit opposite each other with your soles touching. Take one end of the towel and give another end to your partner. Now, with your backs straight and arms bent, create some tension on the towel. One of you should bend your arms more and pull the towel against the resistance of your partner towards the lower chest area. While rowing, avoid swinging your upper body. Instead, move your arms only. Afterwards, invert the motion and let other one row. Do not rush with your movements. Carry out several repetitions until you feel your muscles working. You may also execute this move standing stable or in a squat position.

Back-to-back wall sit
For this, stand back to back with your partner. Bring your legs a little forward and with the support of your partner and move down in sync as if you two are sitting on your chair. As you go down, keep your arms straight and palm flat parallel to the floor. Continue going up and down for at least one minute.    

Partner lunge
Stand tall facing your partner and keep your feet together. Then hold onto each other’s elbows, one using an overhand grip and the other using underhand. Here lunge forward with your right foot as your partner lunges back with the left one. Return to the starting position and reverse the motion between the two of you. Continue alternating legs twelve times. Finally, switch your direction and repeat. 

Sit and twist
Before starting, grab some weights. Start by sitting back to back with your partner. You may use each other’s bodyweight to fit into a half wall sit. Slightly raise your leg off the ground and bend your knees. Hold this position while you pass the weight to each other ten times. Also, keep alternating the sides. Your thigh muscles should feel the strain by the end of this exercise.

But if you want to just stretch and use no weights during your exercise routine, in the same position extend your legs in front. Gradually, lean back with a slight press of body weight until your partner reaches forward to their toes. Do not press too quickly or deeply. Hold this stretch for six to ten seconds. Now change the position and do the same. Communicating with your partner about their comfort range of motion is suggested to prevent injuries.

Partner’s pushover
This challenging exercise is a laugh riot because it feels more like a game. Stand straight facing your partner and raise one of your legs up. With this position, put your hands up and join it together with your palm open. Now try pushing each other gently to disturb their position. Remember not to disjoin your hands while pushing. Maintaining your balance must be your goal here. Change sides every time someone goes off balance. You can choose to do this exercise at the end of your workout routine as a part of a fun cool down stretch. 

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