Women seeking safe abortion in Lubhu's primary heath center up

Published On: May 2, 2018 01:52 PM NPT

LALITPUR, May 2: The number of women visiting Lubhu-based Primary Health Center in Lalitpur for safe abortion is on the rise.

According to the Center, 54 women sought safe abortion service in fiscal year 2073-2074. Likewise, in nine months of the current fiscal year, more than 60 have sought the service. By the year’s end, the number is likely to rise.  

According to center's health assistant Arjun Labad, both kinds of abortion services (use of pills and surgical) are available in the center. Abortion through the use of pills is recommended for pregnancy up to nine months and a surgical method is applied for the termination of fetus from nine to 12 weeks.

In normal case, abortion within only first 12 weeks is legalized in Nepal and in some exceptional cases such as rape, incest and child and mother's health issues, abortion within the first 18 weeks is permissible by the abortion law. RSS


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